Enough Is Enough He Is Going To Get It!

know its been a while since I lasted posted but hell....I'm a busy woman lol.. Ok I know you all remember why I started posting in the first place because of my little one who is now 1 years old but at the time I started posting he was 9 months old and he has never slept more than 3 hours at a time. This is how this all started when he was born he was been breast feed and bottle feed in the hospital until my milk fully came in then he left the hospital and I came back due to complications, so he was at home with my wife Michelle being bottle feed because of all the med's I was on I couldn't give him pumped breast milk. But he was sleeping 4 & 5 hours which was good but as soon as I got home I stated breast feeding him every hour & 45 minutest no that's not what I wanted that's how he stated eating and instead of my dum ass stopping him I continued to due so because I thought breast feed babies eat that much for the first weeks but that created a need for me all the time so he relied on me to always comfort him down to sleep he never really learned how to fall asleep on his own because I was always there patting him down or rocking him or what ever. BUT KNOW THAT SHIT IS OVER... I'm taking off the gloves and I started letting him learn to put his self down at night and this is hard ladies I feel like I'm letting him down or abandoning him. My wife keeps saying that its time and we are the ones suffering which is true I have memory lost because of my sleep deprivation on a average of sleep I would only get 4hours in the whole time he has been born excluding my wife off days then I would sleep but no more than 5 hours because my body had adjusted to this sleep time and the worst part is the four hours wasn't always consecutive. But no more I have to do this because me and my wife had started arguing over every little thing in the world like if she sneezed I would say you are sneezing to dam loud & u are going to wake Dylan yes it got that serious because we were both tried from this baby not sleeping. But ladies I'm doing it because I'm exhausted with this shit I'm snapping at everyone because of my lack of ability to think, comprehend anything you name it I didn't know all this could happen with no sleep. So that little boy has some days ahead of him but a girl got to do what a girl got to do right? Besides I need me back...I need to get myself right to properly take care of everyone else. And he is very stubborn so I don't think this will go over easy at all, this kid is spoiled rotten so its all my fault and I'm going to fix it.

Get back to you soon on him!

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