You Can't Turn This Around On Me, Or Can You?

Where are my blogger's at? I know your out there because I see you checking the blog by my visitors links. I know some of you are thinking why do I need to blog when I have a girlfriend, sister, or whatever but ladies lets be Real here... "don't forget the name of this blog is keeping it real with our issues". Do you remember the time when you got so upset over something that happened to you and your anger took over and made you tell that friend or whom ever what happened...... knowing you would have just kept this one to yourself but it just came out and later down the line that friend turned over and used that against you in a argument. That's why we blog! so don't be afraid no one cares here we're just here to vent to one another and simply get it off our chest. So with that said my blog today relates to this topic so here it goes enjoy.

The real reason why I blog is because I'm a very very very private person...yes I know well y do you blog if your so private right? Don't get me wrong I have been like this all my life because there are people in my family who loves to hold shit against to win at any cost. The Real here is in my own immediately family there is one person very close to me loves to find out shit on you and cant wait to rip you a new ass hole with this information. So when things go upside down in my house I don't tell people in my family because of the whole turn the shit around on you....the one time I thought I wanted to open up and give them the benefit of the doubt I came to this person with passion in my heart but anger on my mind about not getting enough sleep because as u know my 9 month old don't sleep,

I was really letting it out Girlllllllll if you would have been there u would have swore I was poses. "Remember now because I don't share with anyone" so I began to say how things better change if I don't get sleep because my partner was sleeping more than me and I was pissed. Here I'm taking care of kids,managing money,being the bill payer, the credit fixer you name it I was going through all the roles. This person should have calmed me down let me get some sleep while they watched my kids and then when I woke up told me the right thing "like well she works late,you don't need for anything, she makes sure you and the kids come first with everything, she has giving you every car, home anything you've asked for she has worked hard to get it, so just relax and explain to her you guys need to make some time for you to take some naps. Well that would have been great if he/she would have left it like that but 3 days later I was sick and not feeling well and /heshe turned that shit around on me so fast my head was spending like Reagan from the "exorcist" he/she said well u are sick because she dot let you sleep you need to become first and she needs to know that ......I mean this went on and on and I'm thinking like dam did she not just take my 2 minute upset that did go away after a little nap.....they took that upset and turned it around like my life is so dam hard on me and my partner just do what she wants poor me somebody needs to help me. See that's why some times you don't need to share everything with the people who know you and love you because a lot of time them same people think that because they know you they have the right to set you straight. What's so funny is that my soon to be five year old said bring my brother in my bed and I'll keep him asleep and let mom (my partner) go to work and make money so I can keep buying Thomas (Thomas the Tank Engine) so now that's that. Right Mommy? lol I tell you this no matter what my children and my partner is by far everything I try to accomplish in my life today, tomorrow, for now & yes for always.

Till next time:)

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Blogger kelly said...

how do i subscirbe to your blog please send me a link to just_ripe4u@yahoo.com


October 15, 2008 at 2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree I told my mother that me and my husband was having a hard time making it with 2 kids because of what's going on in our economy....which everyone is having some kind of hard time but that did'nt mean I don't want more kids I'm 25 and I want one more. Well I found out 2 weeks later I was pregnant & I told her she turned everything around on me to my husband like I just didn't want anymore kids with him because he couldn't take care of the 2 he already had!!! I was very upset with her & still to this day we haven't spoke:(

October 20, 2008 at 8:36 PM  

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