When God Calls On His Angels (R we ready to let them go?)

Well mommies I'm sorry about the long time in my posts but a lot has happened that kept me from blogging for awhile...but I missed you:) lol....I really really what to update you on all the things that have happened to me over the month & 2 weeks...but I really can't type that fast so I'll try to tell you all the most interesting things that I think you girls want to know. First things first I want to say on a sad note today I lost my grandmother who in my heart was another mother instead of a grandparent. I always thought of her as so much more I my mother was a great mother & her mother was a wonderful mother so I know I'll do excellent by our children. I believe in my heart that my god gave me 2 moms, so my heart has some healing to do. That's really the reason why I started back blogging because I needed to get some things of my chest, heart, & mind. She was 81 & she lived a blessed life with many many people who loved her a great deal. I was so glad my kids got a chance to met her before she passed because I did wait late to have my kids me & my wife decided we wanted kids after we knew we wanted to be together for better of worst. My grandmother was a church woman for 60 years of her life she believed in the bible and in what her pastor preached about in his sermones about a man should be with a woman the whole god made Adam & Eve to procreate and not 2 men nor 2 women. So when I had to tell her I was a lesbian 1 of my biggest fears was that she was going to disown me or turn away from me & not except my life lesson on my wife. But she really never act any different from the day she found out from the day I was born and best of all she welcomed my girlfriend whom is now my wife and when we had our children she couldn't wait to spoil them. That's when I knew that no matter what the world said about my life my family was OK with it...actual they were happy to know that I was happy and loved greatly and it was like it never made a difference. So that's whats make me so strong & take on the world is that my family is behind me 110% and when you have that you can say Fuck! everything else. Thxs for letting me roll this of my tongue.....:(

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