Am I still Sexy? Or have my kids sucked it all out of me:)

OK now I'm just plain old tried.... I mean do our kids make us fat? Do they make us less attractive, less energetic, what about isolation from everyone else in the family? "You know the we didn't call you because we new you had the kids & no one to watch then spill"
Let me explain everyone knows who read my blog I have 2 little boys one who just celebrated his birthday today he is now 1 year old the other still 5 so anyway I always said that I wanted to be one of those sexy moms who always look like a left the salon not like the mothers I see waiting at the school door with pony tails in their hair sweat pants and flip flops on even in the fucking winter time (just add socks) that I just woke up out of bed look. Also please other moms don't get mad at me but the percentage of moms who are still skinny after 1 or 2 kids are 44% well actual studies shows a few things why but this is not really my topic but I will come back to this later. My beef here is my little boys adding so much to do or mommy stress or what ever they want to call on me is it making me less attractive? I started looking at myself and I hate what I see most of the time for instance when I look in my kids closet I see all new clothes nice stuff OK then I go look in my closet and I see absolute shit I mean sometimes it takes me 3 hours to get dress to go somewhere and when I come out I'm not looking like it took 3 hours more like 30 minutes. And I never buy myself anything that's dinner or dancing material I mean I have resorted to blues jeans and cute t-shirts which was never me. I feel like I have lost myself into my little boys by the way the five year old is really working my nerves by being so smart at one point it was cute how intelligent he is but now he has something to say about everything no matter what. So I don't know why they say terrible 2 because I seen 2 3 and now 5's the only time he wasn't terrible was 1 & 4 lol, back to the topic I want to b sexy and now since child birth I have gained.......... nope I'm not telling but I have gain weight that I really cant just get ride of like the good old 22 year old days. Is it the way we love our kids so hard till we forget about old numeral uno and can kids really cause weight gain from stress, the lack of effort to be sexy I really just don't know or is it just us, is it just me. My mom asked me if you had 2 girls do you think anything would have been different? How can I answer that... when I don't know if its just me who is eating a little more than I should or eating all the wrong things, or is it me stressing out over little issues of a five year old. Is it me, Is it me, Is it me.

To be continued:(