Gay/Straight/Lesbian Who Really Cares?

Well I thought that I was doing something I liked, by discussing the things we mothers go through on a daily basis with our kids, and families...and we all go through similar issues, and I'm kind of disappointed by the fact that I was recently told by a comment that I didn't place on my blog that "straight mothers don't want to blog with gay women because we have nothing in common" End Quote" Hmmm.....well I thought that was the most ignorant thing I have heard in a long time and believe me being a lesbian,black & in a interracial relationship with bi-racial kids I really thought I heard it all! I know my web page is about keeping it real and here I want people to say the things they cant say to anyone else here on my blog but I just wont tolerate ignorance. So I'm not giving her the satisfaction of putting her name on my blog, but what I will do is comment on this for anyone else who feels this way. First and foremost we are all women we bleed the same,we pay bills,we work, we live our lives just like any other human being living on this plant...so in that sense we do have things in common. And even if you fell like you can't call me a mother or mom because I'm gay then don't because that word only means more to me when my kids are saying it so you don't have to recognize me as anyone...even thou I think its really sad for another person to down grade someone for difference or things they don't know or understand. I wanted to create this blog for all women straight & gay because no matter what our kids are still kids and we all no kids go through the same things that's how they got some much information on children to write so many books about them. So my kids don't fly up to the moon at night,or start house fires nor do they eat birds or drink bat blood.....no my children do all the same things your children do eat, sleep and breath. I was hoping that we as women could come together on things that really bother us at home and share our stories and give helpful tips to each other. So if you believe that I shouldn't blog or you don't want to blog with me than don't because me and my family judge people on their character, we treat all people with respect and last but not least my family has an open heart to anyone who has an open mind and the respect to learn.:)

I love my family with every fiber of my being, And we are great mothers!
save your judgemental & hurtful comments for people like you!

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