How Did We Let Christmas Go This Far?

I want everyone to really think about this, why do the holidays bring so much dram? I'm really starting to not like the holidays, more so Christmas I have 2 small children so you know I cant just stop having Christmas because its truly for the kids anyway...but dam I swear for the last 5 years it seems like every time the November rare is ugly head here is Christmas to put the final stake in my heart. What happened to the good old days when Christmas was just Christmas, guess I know what my mom went through when I was kid on Christmas time and how I feel sorry for all the things she had to endure to make our Christmas wonderful. Let me start off by saying it seems like Christmas is more commercial than anything they flash all these really expensive toys on the TV at the times your children our watching TV and then there it goes mommy I want that please tell Santa to get me that I just have to have it. Well Christmas time seems to put a lot of parents including myself in debt...and I'm still trying to figure out how I let that happen for the past 5 years.
Every Christmas we run out to the stores fighting over parking and line space and of course those last hottest must have toys. We run are credit cards up to the max, we put off paying some of the bills thinking well I'll catch up later its Christmas right? Well after its all said and done the holidays have passed and all you have left with are over paid items, left over food, gifts you really don't need or want and lets not for get that must have toy that your child will soon forget because guess what? His/her birthday is coming up...lol. OK OK I don't want to sound like an old Grinch of Christmas but I think we put ourselves out there every year for more stress than we can endure, all I'm sayings is lets not do it again this year or next year lets buy what they need and the toys you can afford because lets not forget that no matter what a child heart is a pure as untouched snow if they really realize they didn't get something they wanted for Christmas don't they soon forget when they see all the other stuff they have. And as far as teenagers well they should know better, so not this year because its already over for me but next year I'm going to take my own advice and not do the commercial Christmas but the Christmas of celebration for life, sharing of the heart, and dine on the finest foods and kiss my babies goodnight.

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