Am I Hating or Jealous?

Sometimes I feel like my luck is so non in void that if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have no luck at all. Why I don't know because I'm as sweet as pie, addictive as candy, and giving of my time as the clock on the wall. Yeah I'm not perfect and I have my set back issues like being a mean ass at times not often but hey we all have those's days. So I don't understand why people around me who are shity people, user, poser, and leeches around your neck get so much praise and glory and LUCK. Me and my wife have been down a long journey together it seems like more than 11 years this year because we have fought for everything we have, our life has ben a very bumpy road for sure. On an average day we sometimes look at each other and ask that question why???? Why is everything we do is done the hard way, don't get me wrong I would spend my life traveling on a bumping road with someone who is honest,giving, caring very loving than someone whom today I know & Tomorrow I thought I knew. Like for instance a family member of ours is always getting free shit or close to nothing for items.... big shit like cars, homes, money you name just being thrown at them and here their attitude is so messed up. I mean such an ass whole to people lazy and for some reason they have luck, me and my girlfriend have a beautiful home we live in a suburban condo community we drive nice trucks our kids have everything that they need and on the outside looking in we look like we have it all and have no trouble getting it. But that's far from it we have worked really hard for everything we have it wasn't easy by a long shot.

Like our home I had to do some extensive research and ass smooching with the rental company for this I have a close friend who just wake up one morning got a call from a friend of a friend who needed someone to rent his beautiful 1200 square foot condo who rent is nothing. She just woke up and had a place she didn't even have to go looking filling out this an that she really wasn't even ready to move yet. HATE IT! Ok what about are nice truck ok we have a high as car note even thou we live in a really upscale community but that old thing called credit score got us...but that's ok right. A very close family member has a bankruptcy on their credit and got a brand new car with a car note that make mine look like a house note that's not their fault I'm just saying. HATE IT! Ok our children our always nice an clean well mannered and people love their polite disposition and we keep them in the nice clothes... we know someone who kids are always dirty the lazy ass mother who is to dam busy getting high and eating herself away instead of taking care of her kids but people give her kids all kind of shit her kids are bad very disrespectful and she never tell people thank you she just act like someone else should take care of them and people do and they seem to think she is a good mother and you have to just feel sorry for her so lets help the kids they say. BULL SHIT!

Ok I know I may sound like a haten ass bitch but dam! This is my way of saying what I feel without hurting someone feelings or getting into a unnecessary brawl. I know someone out there is going to say I'm jealous or what ever but I also know someone who has this same shit going on around them. I shouldn't even call it luck I don't really know what to call this kind of thing but it is driving us crazy...I'm not tying to get an award for being a good mother wife or good person nor am doing it for some payback but when your doing your all and u look across the way an see people absolutely doing nothing for themselves or their environment and still seems to prosper it is annoying.


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Blogger Super Mom said...

Hey, I can completely understand where you are coming from. Same thing in my world, honey! I work full time, so does my husband. We have 3 kids who are well mannered, well cared for (some would even say spoiled), but we work DAMN hard for everything we have. And it still isn't enough to buy a house or a new car...

All around me I see people still living with mommy and daddy, sitting on their ass smoking dope living off of a government check, or blowing all their money on BINGO and booze because they will get food stamps to feed the kids later... Lazy people who get things handed to them piss me off. Especially when people who work REALLY hard have to go without.

(Sorry for the rant, hit a sore spot with me! lol)

January 23, 2009 at 2:29 PM  
Blogger MOMonAmission said...

Oh my well I think there is nothing left to be said... because my whole dam family is full of lazy ass people who are wasting space in the world. I feel like if you cant physically go out and get your own...the atleast contribute to the whole by volunteering or something my lazy ass sisters just smoke weed and get welfare and do nothing Im just blessed that thier dum ass have'nt procreated yet???

January 23, 2009 at 6:24 PM  

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