Can We Really Keep it Together?

I'm starting to wonder where have the good days gone, don't get me wrong I'm happy to be alive & well and of course I'm happy that my kids & partner & family is to. But it just seems as if you take a step up to get kicked back down, I'm sorry to be leaving the blog topic of mommy issues which relates to our kids & others but ladies money & kids, husband all this stuff makes Real Mommy Issues. So let me piece it all together for you so here is my "Keeping It Real" Today I fell so far out of my box I had to go see my doctor.....Yes I Did! Have you ever been so dam mad that you just wanted to curse out the first person you could lay your hands. But that would be your kids & you know you cant do that, so you pick a fight with your husband or whom ever you share your home with. And that clearly makes you feel like a bigger ass when that person don't give in to your drama. Well for me I had tried to walk it off, extra cleaning you name it so I called my good old doctor to make sure that I'm not going crazy. Look sometimes things can really put you in a place where you have to ask an outsider am I going crazy? No...... how I got here is because my partner did some very careless makes in our financial situation that cost us a real BIG penny I was beyond mad. With the stock market crashing on a consistent basis it really scares me. It makes me think of all the what if's no matter if your a (SAHM) or a working mom you are still the tread that's has to hold everything together and lets face it...... that's tuff. So when she made that big financial mistake I immediately went into recovery mode, which made me carry on the way I did. Yes it was a mistake ( a careless one) but we all do make them. So that's that & if your wondering if my 9 month old is sleeping yet...Hell Nah!!:(

I promise my next blog won't be so crazy & off but that's what's this blog is for a place to vent,complain, bitch what ever u want to call it. Someone is listening I always say don't do it at home or to your friends & family all the time because you'll become that number on the caller ID that they will soon refuse to answer lol.

My doctor suggested these 5 technices click on the title to bring up the

link to try them.

SAHM= Stay At Home Mom

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Blogger Shenita said...

Chris... I just wanted to assure you your not "Crazy" or Losing your Mind. Keeping it Real, I think you handled the situation almost perfect; first not acting on your thoughts/emotions, then calling a professional for help,and lastly blogging to vent. See the venting part is where I most likely would have mess up.. I am always remembered by my husband and others its not way I say it HOW I say it.. As my favorite R& B artist would say "I am a Working Progress" (MJB) Or sometime what I would say to my husband and othe "Take Me As I Am" (MJB)...(smiling)

October 11, 2008 at 3:01 PM  

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