Can We Give A Little More? (Yes 2 Sex)

Hey ladies lets go there lets go where no man likes to go "The I have a headache tonight "Lets face I know once you get married and have kids time is a whole new thing in a bottle. Its hard to manage playtime with that other person in your life if you are one of those moms who takes it all on.......Like myself I take on my children full on without much help not because I like it that way but we're very selective in who we let baby-sit our children if the one or two people are unavailable we just don't do which is 90% of the time. And yes sex can play a big part in your romance or relationship to me its not right to say no lets face it when you become sexual with your partner it brings you closer every time, it makes you feel like its your moment to let stress out by releasing your built up energy. Well at least that's what it does to me. And if you really don't feel like it try to just see if he/she can get you into he mood because if its done right once you start you wont want to stop so take the time to let them get you there.

Because a little love every now and then can carry your relationship a long way. Honestly, I'm not one of those no girls I love making my partner happy. I do have friends and I hear from other mothers how hard sex can be at a certain point, and yes women don't just get raved up because the wind blew....we need something to stimulate us put are cars in gear> So I suggest telling your love one just what that special something is and don't be afraid to tell them because if you don't with men they just do what they need to get going and yes I've been there before they just grab and pull squeeze then its on. Not women thats why I love them so much lol....we like to do things to stimulate the mind first like soft kissing, dancing, rubbing, so tell him/her exactly what might get you there so your not making him feel like sex is no longer an option, its almost like a punishment if you always throw the kids in there face like " I'm to tried because of taking care of the kids etc. etc." Don't make the kids seem like thier punishment because you got me pregnant and now I have to take care of them so no more sex. Its not an punishment it should be a cherished event a way you can always express without words how much you love each other. So girls yes I'm always tried and I feel ran down at the end of the day but if I do all I can do for my children because I love them so much...why not for the person who provides my everything.

A suggestion for a night of passion:

1. A bath in bed (get a small bucket or bowl fill it with hot water, bring a wash cloth, soap & put it next to the bed.
2. Get of course 1 candle lots of light not needed.

3. lavender warm rubbing oil ( for a message)

4. A towel (to dry them off)

5. Sexy seductive music (I suggest putting it on repeat)

6. Sexy outfit for yourself

How this should play out:

Before he/she comes home slept into your sexy out fit, turn the music on make sure you have all your items at the bedside before they get there except the water it must be hot so it will relax them, because you don't want it getting cold before its time for the message, so when they walk in take there hand no talking start to direct them to the bedroom and peel off each piece of thier clothing.
Lay them down on the bed still no talking go get your hot water bowl or bucket star from top washing him/her everywhere work your way to the bottom after they are all washed and cleaned dry him/her off while always moving slow and seductive take the warming lotion and rub them down while moving your body up and down there body till he/she is fully oiled, relaxed, & turned on then slowly blow out the candle. Now I have done this many of times and each and every time I have done this it puts my partner through the roof.
little tid-bits:
>I'm sorry I could'nt find any links on gay families with kids and how our sex lives are managing, I guess they think we dont exist
>When I say he/she or him/her I do that for all my gay & lesbian readers
>bringing the bath to them is much more fun & sexy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 2 kids and I work fulltime not to mention i go to school for my associate degree so at the end of the day he has to understand that im just not that into sex.....I think we have the rifgt to say no and they should respect that and understand

October 29, 2008 at 9:56 AM  
Anonymous kelly said...

I do believe as women we need to say yes more to keep are husband more interested in the women they married long time ago....its funn to keep you sexlife interesting and it couldnt possibly be that hard if you can work at all that school,kids,work then your husband should be included:)

October 29, 2008 at 10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi chrissie Im glad your back to blogging even thou I'm not a real blogger myself I do like to read your blog and its nice to see you back. Well Im just now trying this with me wife we have been together for 12 years now & this was really a birthday present for her and she really did enjoy it. No not happened after that becuase she was just to darn relax:( but just to see her happy in anyway was worth it.

thanks Sam

December 17, 2008 at 7:14 PM  

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